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Symphonic Baby Goats Unlimited Orchestra

Now we are in the second 4th dimension movement!
Symphonic Baby Goats Unlimited Orchestra

Album is available on streaming services.

Barry Zogon Band

Our first album Humanoid released on Bandcamp.
EPs and compilation on Spotify.

Mixing work.


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Musick TV

Paul Mauriat’s Nocturne 1 (Remaster) / Goatbabe En Zijn Orkest
Paul Mauriat’s Nocturne 2 (Remaster) / Goatbabe En Zijn Orkest
Hollywood 2000 + Kagamine Rin / Voo Doo Sleigh Ride
Hummy Demon with Hatsune Miku / Wild Is The Wind
Psychedelic Shimeji Unlimited / Public Image
Ifukube set.
Mikunareff – So Long Beauty (Polnacover #2)
Polnabarbie – La poupée qui fait non (Polnacover #1)
Hatsuran + Miku with Goatbabe

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