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Fine Girl PV

Music video for Fine Girl by Abikyokan.
Filmed in Ponpokopon izakaya in Hirai, Tokyo.
Directed by Craig Exton.

 One More Way PV

 The 1st cut from the album Novaya Zemlya.
 Directed by Goat. 2010


 Billy Lee (Live)

 Live at Aoiheya Shibuya Tokyo Japan,
 17th March 2007.
 Shot by Shigeo Tsubaki.


 Body 6000

 From "Zuper" 2006. 

 The Takedown (Live)

 Live at Shibuya Yaneura Tokyo Japan,
 April 30th 2005.

 Comatose Baby Blues

 2004 track from
 "Abikyokan presents our kind of "Rotating Terror Cube""


  [3:33], 5.00MB, 2006.


 Single (Planned but cancelled)
[3:33], 5.00MB, 2006.

 Fanclub only rare releases.


 Previously Unreleased
 Chiba City Blues
[4:10], 4.3MB, 2006.

 Edited by Goat 2.14.2006
 Doctor Joe
[22:33], 20.6MB, 2006.

 The Takedown (Live) at Kichijoji warp Aug 5th 2005.
 The Takedown [12:30], 11.5MB, 2005.

 Indies Albums


2005 Delayer - LP
  Message From Da Pharm [5:16], 4.85MB, from CD "Delayer" 2005.
  Hungry Bees [10:24], 9.56MB, from CD "Delayer" 2005. 
  The Takedown [7:25], 7.24MB, from CD "Delayer" 2005. 
  Club Romeo [4:29], 4.20MB, from CD "Delayer" 2005. 
2004 Abikyokan presents our kind of "Rotating Terror Cube" - EP
  Abi Lost In Der Sex Field [6:27], 5.95MB, from CD "Rotating Terror Cube" 2004. 
  Hungry Bees [8:22], 7.71MB, from CD "Rotating Terror Cube" 2004. 
  Comatose Baby [4:14], 3.92MB, from CD "Rotating Terror Cube" 2004. 
  Custard High School [3:25], 3.18MB, from CD "Rotating Terror Cube" 2004. 
  Ketchup Is A Choice [5:38], 5.21MB, from CD "Rotating Terror Cube" 2004.  




 Club Romeo remixed by Hidden Fortress
 Bar Juliet