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Sheffield England


Seattle America

Abikyokan Craig

Melbourne Australia

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Chiba Japan


Jacob tson (vocals, guitar, bass, synth)
Craig Exton (bass)
Grant McGaheran (synth, samples, guitar, vocals)
Tatsumi "Goat" Ochiai (synth, guitar, bass, effects, vocals)

 Abikyokan formed in 2004 as a vehicle for the core members, Jake Arnston, Tatsumi Ochiai and Grant McGaheran to bring together and make sense of their wildly differing musical backgrounds and influences. Since then the band has experimented with a number of styles, and has also been joined by outside musicians in creating two EPs, one album "Delayer" and a whirlwind of eclectic, volatile and wildly unpredictable live performances. In 2006 Abikyokan settled back to the core trio to create their most honest and exploratory work to date, the album "Zuper".

In 2009, Abikyokan released best selling "Novaya Zemlya" album. In 2010 new bassist Craig joined.Its seamless, otherwordly fusion of blues, bass-heavy electro-disco and psychedelic, jazzy ambience represents where the band are at now and a first, assured step into a musical universe which they're looking forward to sharing with the world.


Thanks to:

Andrew Blanch (drums) - 1/05 to 4/06
Keitaro Endo (bass, guitar) - 7/04 to 11/05
Ben Frost (vocals) - 1/04 to 9/04

z13 (graphics)

Eri, Ian, Mutsumi, Natsuko, Taisuke, Tropen, Brendan and abination.

Abikyokan 2011