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Run with the pack! Dancing with Mr.D! Running with the devil! name:tatsumi date:2005/12/11(Sun) 11:55   No.241  Home   [reply]

How they noticed that I'm taking lipitor?

abikyokan name:eamon tod date:2005/12/09(Fri) 22:02   No.240  Mail Home   [reply]

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abikyokan name:garrek hiram date:2005/12/09(Fri) 04:54   No.239  Mail Home   [reply]

Making use of ebb and flow.- For the purpose of knowledge we must know how to make use of the inward current which draws us towards a thing, and also of the current which after a time draws us away from it.
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The Temple Of Love name:ian date:2005/11/29(Tue) 02:21   No.238  Mail Home   [reply]

The devil in black dress watches over me
My guardian angel walks away
Life is short and love is always over in the morning
Black wind come carry me far away


Rockocalypse WOW! name:Andoryukun date:2005/11/15(Tue) 00:10   No.237  Mail   [reply]

Minabando!Sugoiarigatou&itsumo yoroshiku!How to explain??Saladabar=My new favorite band.Knights of Joy and Fury desu.Thanks for coming from Hawaii!Tropen..TOOO Cool.Beautiful Voice&angry guitars and best drummer all nite,haha.Erisanha tenshii desu sent to Earth to save us.My heart exploded at her music.We dont deserve her.Her Under Pressure may destroy the Earth!AbikyokanhaCRAPdesu and Audipop may be Tokyos next Big Band.Talent,style,finesse and in time!Pop Brilliance!Minna Arigatou gozaimasu!!Tanoshikatta x 10!!

abikyokan name:masao from audipop date:2005/11/14(Mon) 15:46   No.236    [reply]

amazing, you are always amazing.
thank you for giving really fun time.
we are looking forward to play with you again.

(but now our homepage doesnt work.
we'll repair it few days, and then please come our homepage.)

ありがとう name:ian date:2005/11/14(Mon) 14:11   No.235  Mail Home   [reply]

Cheers Abikyokan and all who sail in you. I've heard the word on the street, and the word is "resurrection".

good evenig! name:Eri Makino date:2005/11/13(Sun) 21:26   No.234  Home   [reply]

昨日は  ありがとう。

私は やっぱり、 ABIKYOKAN が大好きです。
my friends have same feeling too!!!
(英語あってる? hahaha...)

13complex vol.3 とっても楽しみ!
そうそう、flyer これだよ。!☆


こんにちは name:サラダバーtp.おどる date:2005/11/13(Sun) 16:51   No.233  Home   [reply]


Jake - Maiden's Soudhouse Tape すげー!!!! name:goat@Amerikkka date:2005/10/25(Tue) 19:32   No.232  Mail Home   [reply]

Invasion is very Goth punk!

Iron Maiden & Prowler MASTERPIECE of the history of 20th century's music.

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