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abikyokan name:grant date:2005/01/13(Thu) 00:16   No.81    [reply]

ever feel like you've been cheated?

Re:[79] ビートリップライブ name:tatsumi date:2005/01/06(Thu) 15:19   No.80    [reply]

> あけましておめでとう!間違えました↓
> > ビデオ録画してください。音源アップきぼんぬ。
> 管理者に伝えておきます。
> > ところで、あの伝説の弟キャラS***go K*shiw*iメジャーデビューしてたって知ってた?
> 一瞬何の事か解かりませんでしたが、男3兄弟の末っ子だな。何てバンド?

the mind vendors ググって見てください。

Re:[70] ビートリップライブ name:KAWAI date:2005/01/06(Thu) 08:23   No.79    [reply]

> ビデオ録画してください。音源アップきぼんぬ。

> ところで、あの伝説の弟キャラS***go K*shiw*iメジャーデビューしてたって知ってた?

Re:[70] ビートリップライブ name:KAWAI date:2005/01/06(Thu) 08:20   No.78    [reply]

> > 今週日曜日に君津でやります!遠いでしょ!
> ビデオ録画してください。音源アップきぼんぬ。
> ところで、あの伝説の弟キャラS***go K*shiw*iメジャーデビューしてたって知ってた?

word name:J DOGG date:2005/01/02(Sun) 13:52   No.77  Mail   [reply]

DuDe! The discography write up is cool! Very nice. I just celebrated new years, saw a ramones cover band. They gave me lube and condoms. I will use when I return !!!! Puked too much this morning.

Listening to ICED EARTH. best discovery. I cant read japanese on my parents computer. Ill be back in a few days!!!!!!

i brought back some vinyls from my parents house name:tatsumi date:2005/01/02(Sun) 09:14   No.76    [reply]

At the golden circle Vol.1 : the Ornette Coleman Trio
Out to Lunch : Eric Dolphy
Marsalis Standard Time - Vol. 1 : Wynton Marsalis
KINGDOM : Living In Texas
Le Mystere Des Voix Belgares 1 & 2
Acid Bath : Alien Sex Fiend
The Man Machine : Kraftwerk
かっこいいことはなんてかっこ悪いんだろう : 早川義夫
Linga Franca-X (昭和崩御) : EP-4
2000 Light Years From Home : The Dance Society
七次元よりの使者 : 五井野正 グループ
Alienation : YBO2
太陽の皇子 : YBO2
ドグラマグラ : YBO2
Cntradctions : Thomas Leer
Commercial Zone : PIL
Looking For Something : Keith Levene's Violent Opposition
2011 - Back To Black : Keith Levene

jah dem no it name:Grant in England date:2005/01/01(Sat) 21:25   No.75    [reply]

Happy new year to the world! This year ABIKYOKAN is gonna rock you to yr foundations with LOVE and TUNES!
I've been investigating new funk waves and how they can be manipulated by stamping on them. If life is a disco, then ABI is the glitterball with the maddest orbit, Jake is at the bar bothering girls, Keitaro is breaking chairs because Chelsea lost to West Brom, Tatsumi is trying to wire his guitar into the lighted floor and I'm having a wee. ABI is a folk-dub collosus ready to take you to another level of sex. Already our jazz warriors are amassing on the border to take you away from all these crap bands who reckon it's 1982. It's not! It's at least 1987 by my reckoning, Prince's Sign of the Times is out, so let's move on and get with it! But I just bought a skinny tie... shit! They got me, captain! Right in the craw!

check our discography page! name:Tatsumi date:2005/01/01(Sat) 11:35   No.74  Home   [reply]


a report from UK name:tatsumi date:2005/01/01(Sat) 10:29   No.73    [reply]

My music recommendation this week:
Goldie Lookin Chain - strange parody hiphop from Wales. Funny and frightening. It has a song which samples YMO's "Behind The Mask" called "Your Mother Has A Penis".

Re:[71] 阿鼻叫喚、1stアルバム、通販御願いします name:tatsumi date:2004/12/26(Sun) 17:54   No.72    [reply]


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