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Do not worry my friend. name:Goat date:2005/03/21(Mon) 22:33   No.101  Mail Home   [reply]

“Sid came in here and said, ‘Look what I’ve got. Now people can’t beat me up any more’.” He was brandishing a knife with a five and a half inch laptop, said Leon. “Nancy bought it for him so he could defend himself from the beatings he was getting.”

Stop bothering Michael jackson! name:Grant date:2005/03/21(Mon) 22:26   No.100  Mail   [reply]

I got it, darling. Please explain things slowly to me because I'm from the late Victorian era and computers scare me. Anyway get back rehearsing with Kyokan soon mate, we got a very distressing and mentally damaging set planned inlcuding scenes of Jake-chan's evangelistic rebirth and 50s rock n roll fused with pirates and boiling seas of dub. Kyokan death plan. Monster tape jazz scree. I bought a pianica/melodica too. My neighbour hates me.

Re:[98] abikyokan name:Goat date:2005/03/21(Mon) 22:09   No.99  Mail Home   [reply]

No haven't change address do not worry.
www.goatbabe.com/abikyokan/menu_j.html is Japanese menu.
www.goatbabe.com/abikyokan/menu.html is English menu nad English menu is default.

abikyokan name:Grant date:2005/03/21(Mon) 21:43   No.98  Mail   [reply]

Cool, thanks Tats. Did website address become www.goatbabe.com/abikyokan/menu.j.html? Please let me know because everybody only knows the previous address.
What about the main site? do you want to tell english-speaking people about our live schedule too?

Re:[96] Ungya name:Goat date:2005/03/21(Mon) 15:21   No.97  Mail Home   [reply]

Add Japanese page http://www.goatbabe.com/abikyokan/menu_j.html for Japanese music fun and added Andrew's info.

2005 ライブ・スケジュール:
4/16(土) 渋谷屋根裏
5/27(金) 渋谷サイクロン
6/5(日) 無力無善寺

Ungya name:Grant date:2005/03/20(Sun) 22:39   No.96  Mail   [reply]

Yo Tatsutapes! How did the afternoon DJing go? Did you play industrial noise to innocent people eating baguettes?
Anyway, yo, can we make a LIVE INFO and DJ EVENT info section of the site? And upload this news....
4/2/05 Liquid Polka at Cafe Moderate
4/9/05 Spicy Jacket at Shinjuku Sanchome (place TBC)
4/16/05 at Shibuya Yoneura
5/27/05 at Shibuya Cyclone
6/5/05 at Koenji Muryokumozenji (with Dennou Shock Boys)

and I'll write a profile and history and send it to you soon. lets upload that too. thanks

Oi name:Grant date:2005/03/17(Thu) 12:12   No.95  Mail   [reply]

Hey tats, can we update the website a bit? Last news item is from October...nnnngyaaa. News: we now have a drummer from Philadelphia soul city, Liquid Polka coming up on 4/2, Spicy Jacket on 4/9, gig in Koenji on 6/5. Update it you slaaaaag. Also want to put a live history, profile and more photos on there. Cheers. Let me know.

大変だよ! name:KAWAI date:2005/03/07(Mon) 20:32   No.94    [reply]



abikyokan name:jake date:2005/03/06(Sun) 00:03   No.93    [reply]


Re:[91] Hi Grant name:goat date:2005/03/05(Sat) 08:59   No.92    [reply]


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