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big ups! name:Ivan date:2005/04/06(Wed) 21:50   No.111  Mail   [reply]

well done good show sunday nite! look forward to the next one


393939! 皆最高! name:Grant date:2005/04/03(Sun) 14:03   No.110  Mail   [reply]

RESPECT! Jake, Tatsutapes, Chris, Yodobashi - top tunes!
ANNAMERCEE! Ian, Pamtunes, Ktaro, Ai, Mitsu, Sawa, So-See, Princess Suzuki, Saya, Mikamikan, Ivan, Tomoe, Aki, Kazuko, Keiko, Misako, Luke, that futurist vampire bloke, Chika, Kuni, Hanachan, Hiro, Suteki na Shouyu-san, Fumakkkk, Mykel, Yoshihiko, everyone else who came and especially everyone who danced to my clangarous outpourings, the amazing and wonderful staff of Cafe Moderate and Kayoko for amazing hard work and support, thank you thank you thank you thank you, and apologies for my impenetrable drunkenness and any sexual harassment I may have bee responsible for. You are all kings and queens of my heart and yo, there's another party going on right now in my head and one of the guests has a knife. Onwards, my friends to Spicy Jacket! Dubwise riddim and ting.

NIPPLES name:J-AKE date:2005/04/03(Sun) 07:14   No.109  Home   [reply]

Ian! Thank you for sailing the seas of sadness with us last night. We paid respect to the night monkey and slayed the cave troll. Onward, on the ship of distress. We will reach the shore of madness!

Re:[107] hoi! name:ian date:2005/03/26(Sat) 00:03   No.108  Mail   [reply]

much respect likewise. we have some pretty distressing things planned ourselves. there's an event at the koenji showboat on monday which will feature a lot of post things. post-punk, post-rock, post-pop, post-psychedelic, post-theatre and post-post-modern post-art. expect noise, tunes, plate-spinning, and painting. after that things get hazy because i'll be bankrupt for the forseeable future.

i'll definitely check out one of your shows. i thrive on distress. it is nectar to my soul.

peace out.

hoi! name:Grant date:2005/03/25(Fri) 22:49   No.107  Mail   [reply]

Well met, Ian-san, I'm Grant what plays in Abi. Heard about you and Clear and Refreshing from Ai, and had a look at the site, wicked:). Looks tops. Tanks muchly for digging our thing, Blow Monkeys stylee. We've got some fairly distressing things planned for the live shows, somewhere between godrockers Stryper and Paula Abdul's boundary-breaking ode to animalistic love, "Opposites Attract", so hope you can come and have a look. Get in touch and let us know what you're up to event-wise. Respect.

Re:[105] hey... name:ian date:2005/03/25(Fri) 20:33   No.106  Mail   [reply]

nice to meet you too, tatsumi-san. you're a gent.

Re:[104] hey... name:tatsumi date:2005/03/25(Fri) 06:40   No.105  Mail Home   [reply]

HELLo! Ian. So nice to meet you!!!!!

hey... name:ian date:2005/03/25(Fri) 00:51   No.104  Mail   [reply]

...heard about you from ai what plays in usagi spiral a. i dig your thing. your bbs is a jungle.

ロックオペラ「Delayer」の解説作成しました。 name:tatsumi date:2005/03/24(Thu) 11:13   No.103  Mail Home   [reply]


Secret #1 name:goat date:2005/03/22(Tue) 21:55   No.102  Home   [reply]

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