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abikyokan name:J-AKE date:2005/04/30(Sat) 09:35   No.121  Home   [reply]


Rhythm is gonna get you
Rhythm is gonna get you
Rhythm is gonna get you
2 Night

Always we frighten to the kids, man name:Grant date:2005/04/25(Mon) 20:37   No.120    [reply]

I will be the most frightened and confused of all, I fear. Very excited though. We've no idea what other bands, if any, are playing with us. I hope they're all straight-edge christian punks. That'd be excellent. On Thursday apparantly the listings for the gig will be in Pia magazine. Then we will know. Then the true fear begins.

Kings of the Clean Frontier name:Ron Devious date:2005/04/25(Mon) 20:29   No.119  Mail Home   [reply]

If you visit the C.A.R. top page there's more.

Looking forward to seeing you confuse and frighten to techno kids next Saturday.

Tek it an gwaan! name:Grant date:2005/04/25(Mon) 13:21   No.118    [reply]

Oh...and in the background it says "Clean Frontier". That's us, man. That's us.

Riddim a fulla culture yall! name:Grant date:2005/04/25(Mon) 13:20   No.117    [reply]

Cheers mate! Keitaro in particular looks very sexy in that one. It's such a hideously unflattering item that I'd love to use it for our official band photo, but unfortunately Tats isn't in it. Maybe we could use photoshop to add him as a blue ghost in the background.
Ghost Town. Spooks In Space. Phil Spectre...

Respect! name:Ron Devious date:2005/04/25(Mon) 00:49   No.116  Mail Home   [reply]


1-2-3-Grant! name:Ron Devious date:2005/04/19(Tue) 15:22   No.115  Mail Home   [reply]

To all Abikyokan fans: Abi's handsome fop, DJ Grant (From Burkina Faso), will be spinning discs for your pleasure at an all-night DJ party in Ogikubo on 4/23 (that's Saturday night, folks).

The fun starts at 11.00pm.

oh! oh! oh! ohh! stop...Hammer time! name:Harry 'Snapper' Organs date:2005/04/11(Mon) 22:52   No.114    [reply]

Did I? Fuuuuck. I do seem to remember playing 'Michael Caine' by Madness and 'Stool Pigeon' by the Kid and his dessicated bints. Oh, ang on, no I didn't play Abikyokan again I played 'J'ai mal aux dents' by Faust, the drums of which we ripped for 'Club Romeo'. Soundclaaaaaaaaaaaash!!!
Riddim of JAH. Jake weeing on his legs, Keitaro knocking over beer as per bleeding usual, Tats being SEX in his petite suit....Abilads rock das haus.

Break it down... name:Ron Devious date:2005/04/11(Mon) 20:06   No.113  Mail Home   [reply]

Yo! Spicy Jacket rocked big-stylee. Can't remember it all but I have a very clear memory of Tatsu's Miami Vice suit and Jake interrupting an intellectual discussion on the relative merits and demerits of Thomas Pynchon with the line, "Man, I just pissed all over my leg!"

Don't remember much of what went down on the late-nite soundclash either, but I'm pretty sure Grant-boy played yet another of his own songs. I think my tracks were:
Sex Machine - The Flying Lizards
Real By Reel - XTC
Tandem - Halcali
Dot Dash - Wire

Re:[111] big ups! name:Ivan date:2005/04/06(Wed) 21:52   No.112  Mail   [reply]

> well done good show sunday nite! look forward to the next one
> peace

i meant sat. nite... my mind is goo

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