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Re:[140] abikyokan name:tatsumi date:2005/05/23(Mon) 23:10   No.141  Mail Home   [reply]

> まちがえた。"bbc"じゃなくて"bbs"だった。

And thanks Ian & Kaname-san.
and thanks dog!

abikyokan name:けいたろう date:2005/05/23(Mon) 22:51   No.140    [reply]


next abi name:けいたろう date:2005/05/23(Mon) 22:50   No.139    [reply]

昨日みにきてくれたみなさんほんとにありがとうございます。ian、かなめさん、宮川俊介さん,Audipop, The Students, Shoot My Disco and abilads おつかれさまです。

次のabikyokanは@cyclone on friday midnight。ぜひおこしください。まだ、まよっているひとも当日これそうだったらぜひきてください。チケットがなくても入口で"abikyokan"の名前をだしてもらえれば前売り料金で入れると思います。open24:00,start24;30の予定ですが、なんかたぶんリハがおすようなきがするので、24:00頃にははいれないかも。出演順などもまだきまっていないようですが、知りたい方はごれんらくを。まえのひぐらいにれんらくします。bbcに書き込んでいただくよりもメンバーのだれかに連絡をとっていただいたほうが確実にお返事させていただきます。

abikyokan name:Grant date:2005/05/23(Mon) 20:40   No.138  Mail   [reply]

We call it 'Jazz Grief'.

Excuse me, I'd like to go to Sheffield name:Ian date:2005/05/23(Mon) 19:34   No.137  Mail Home   [reply]

Thanks to all the 'kyokan boys and well as your lovely 'kyokette fans. I can't believe that last night was the first time we decided not to film the event. Nevertheless, Jake's shamanistic performance is burned into my memory. He is the resurrection.

Masao> No one else has any idea what Abikyokan's sound is either. All I know is that it's a beautiful and scary thing.

Cheers! name:Grant date:2005/05/23(Mon) 15:38   No.136  Mail   [reply]

Thanks Masao! Sounds great to play together again!
Let's do it!

おつかれっす。 name:Masao date:2005/05/23(Mon) 12:53   No.135  Home   [reply]

Hey Abikyokan! This is Masao from audipop. I play bass.
We really enjoyed playing with you last night too.
Your sound is........DUB,ROCK.sometimes JAZZ...I have no idea.
but you are so cool!!


Merrill! Merrill! name:Grant date:2005/05/23(Mon) 12:39   No.134  Mail   [reply]

Lads, cheers for an amazing gig, truly never enjoyed a gig so much in my life, and that includes Def Leppard at Don Valley Stadium in '92. You are all Titans. Of sound.
Love love love Grant xxx

review name:Antonio Yodobashi date:2005/05/23(Mon) 01:49   No.133  Home   [reply]

Jah Miki intoroduced Abikyokan's History by his view.
please check it.

Re>BeTripのリリース計画は? name:N,KAWAI date:2005/05/18(Wed) 08:13   No.132    [reply]


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