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お疲れ様 name:Grant date:2005/08/09(Tue) 01:03   No.191  Mail   [reply]

Thanks very much, The Loyd! we had a great time but hurt our bodies from jazz violence.
I hope we can do a live with you again, Def Leppard stylee!

hello name:the loyd date:2005/08/08(Mon) 01:01   No.190  Home   [reply]

you are soooooo great!!

6番目に出てたthe loydです〜。

See you♪

THIS IS FOR THE MOTHERS name:RUBENSTEIN date:2005/08/06(Sat) 18:16   No.189  Home   [reply]

Word. Last night sounded like an Electric bomb. The shockwaves are still being felt in the middle americas. TIDAL WAVES of noise and terror.

S H O C K the K H A N

abikyokan name:Jacob Rubenstein date:2005/08/05(Fri) 05:13   No.188  Home   [reply]

I made a myspace, posted some of my favorite Abikyokan mp3s and one mp3 from 1996 with my band The Scene in Seattle. Please listen to them.


abikyokan name:Grant date:2005/08/03(Wed) 10:29   No.187  Mail   [reply]

Yeah, that's them! My friend gave me the CD because of the Abikyokan tracks. They're super-retro hard rock with a strong enka/60s pop influence. And they look coooooool.

Re:[185] Rivals? name:tatsumi date:2005/08/03(Wed) 08:38   No.186    [reply]

Sorry not Inugumi(dog group), Inugami(god of dog) Circus Dan.

Re:[184] Rivals? name:tatsumi date:2005/08/03(Wed) 08:36   No.185    [reply]

I think it is Inugumi Circus Dan 犬神サーカス団

I'll check it!
Japanese retro goth?
Kin-shou follower?

Rivals? name:Grant date:2005/08/02(Tue) 11:32   No.184  Mail   [reply]

Has anyone heard 無限の海の阿鼻叫喚 (Mugen no Umi no Abikyokan)? It's a hard rock song by a Japanese group who feature amongst their number a kimono horror girl and a dead school boy. Very cool. 犬 (something circus) is their name. The talking on it sounds a bit like on Bowie's "It's No Game" but the music is like a Led Zep triute band. Definate 60s J-pop influence too.

The future name:The Bishop date:2005/07/27(Wed) 01:54   No.183  Mail Home   [reply]

September: Dark synthetic pleasures.
October: Pagan fire festivation.
November: Beware the night visitors.

Now: My head is one neverending spacerock jam where the music takes the form of an eternally uncoiling chrome serpent.

7/23(土)SPICY JACKET name:アントニオ・ヨドバ氏 date:2005/07/26(Tue) 21:34   No.182    [reply]

DJ SPINお願いします。

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