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Steam revolution name:Grant date:2005/09/17(Sat) 11:26   No.211  Mail Home   [reply]

I didn't add the Tommy hilfiger Taiwananese teens. But bless em, they're not doing any harm being in our friend's space. Every member of Abikyokan is free to log in to our myspace, add who they like, accept or deny who they like, delete who they like. Have a go, find some worthwhile fans for us.

Spinning Jenny automated loom name:Grant date:2005/09/17(Sat) 11:20   No.210  Mail Home   [reply]

I'm a luddite too and despise machines but, on the other hand, a lot of people have heard our music and seen Jake's moustache because of myspace. There's no crap people in my friend space, the majority are people I've talked to about music and art and quite a lot of them I've met and are coming to our next show. All the girls on friends space are nice people I've met and talked to and are seriously into our music. And I really enjoyed listening to all the musicians I've met on myspace, check some of them out you might like them, Blankatrope! A load of people on myspace are looking for shags, but I'm not and quite a lot of other people aren't too. So if you make your space and get your art up you could get some worthwhile contacts and have a laugh seeing other people's work, and there'll probably be people in Tokyo you can collaborate with.

Old Time Religion name:Anaximander date:2005/09/17(Sat) 01:51   No.209    [reply]

Okay so I just went back cause I wanna hear the live TAKEDOWN and of course got sucked into looking at a webpage fulla mularkey and Taiwanese hip hop because of a purikura of nymphettes in Tommy Hilfligger....I still dont get it.what are abikyokan and Tommy Hillfligger hip hop teens from Taiwan who only write in romanji Taiwanese doing?Take me back to the wireless.

EVILution name:The Man who Walks Alone date:2005/09/17(Sat) 01:45   No.208    [reply]

So,I know yall want me to check out this MYSPACE world,So I did and looked into ourgood friend Hell Panda and....I dont really get it.Yes I am a Luddite who wants to smash all electrical "Slave Machines" but it looks like that Crikey is all about trying to shag Gothic Lolitas who take Harry Potter too seriously.The Irony line is drawn too thin for my liking there.

abikyokan name:Grant date:2005/09/05(Mon) 22:37   No.207  Mail Home   [reply]


psssssshaaaw name:Grant date:2005/09/05(Mon) 22:37   No.206  Mail Home   [reply]

The Abikyokan myspace is up!
Sexy photos of us live!
I'll keep updating as much as poss.
Tats. Kei. And. Jakob.
whacks stuff on their whenever you feel the need.

ビリースクワイアDVD name:KAWAI date:2005/09/02(Fri) 09:40   No.205    [reply]


fly with you name:Eegle boy Takuan date:2005/09/02(Fri) 00:55   No.204    [reply]

Abikyokan!Yoroshiku!I enjoy your loud playing!
In Japanese we say there are 5 elementals:
1fire,2water,3skys,4rocks and maybe 5iron/gold.5 are Abikyokans.Which are you each?IS guitar Fire?Basses Rocks?Lets know!

I bought Panache's LP today name:goat date:2005/08/31(Wed) 22:18   No.203    [reply]

And I like Zein Griff's Ashes and Diamonds

HALLELUJAH... name:Ron Devious date:2005/08/24(Wed) 16:40   No.202  Mail Home   [reply]


9/2 (Friday)
More fun than you can possibly imagine at Clear And Refreshing's latest coffin-viewing event:

-Kittchu Hitori Gakudan
-TVIV (last chance to see!!!!!)
-Usagi Spiral A

All the fun of the fair, from an opening time 6.00 at Koenji 20000V. Free wine and cocktails!

Take time off work, kill you grandparents, fake your own death, and be there!!!!!!

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