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高円寺POP FES. もうすぐスタート name:辰巳 date:2005/10/09(Sun) 13:33   No.221    [reply]


Re:[218] KOENJI POP FESTIVAL (= Tokyo Pop Festival) name:ian date:2005/10/06(Thu) 18:16   No.220  Mail Home   [reply]

Thanks! Our web site's been fucked up the last week, but it's back now.

On Sunday, let the fires burn in a pagan festival of death and rebirth. Let us cry for sacrifice, drunk on the blood of slaughtered gods! Let us enjoy reasonably priced drinks!

Do you know Flagship ? name:KAWAI date:2005/10/03(Mon) 12:52   No.219    [reply]


KOENJI POP FESTIVAL (= Tokyo Pop Festival) name:tatsumi date:2005/10/02(Sun) 10:08   No.218    [reply]

KOENJI POP FESTIVAL (= Tokyo Pop Festival)

【チケット】\2000 + \500(1drink!)

14.30 Start
14.30-15.00 ボンゾズ
15.20-15.50 Randy And The Pyramids
16.10-16.40 TBC

16:40-17:20 DJ

17.20-17.50 Alan Smithee
18.10-18.40 Abikyokan
19:00-19:30 Usagi Spiral A

19:30-20:10 DJ

20:10-20:40 Audipop
21:00-21:30 モスキイト
21:50-22:20 マイアミ

name:eri makino● date:2005/10/01(Sat) 00:17   No.217  Home   [reply]

"A" Icon is cuteeeeee!!!!!


Now "A" icon for Internet Explorer is ready. name:Get "A" for abi! date:2005/09/25(Sun) 11:19   No.216  Mail Home   [reply]


If you add this URL to your favorite you can see A icon.
(this feature is Windows user only)

火事。。。。。。? name:Get fire house! date:2005/09/25(Sun) 05:35   No.215  Mail Home   [reply]


++++++++++++++++++ name:666 date:2005/09/25(Sun) 05:34   No.214  Mail Home   [reply]

So you children of the world, listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in spread the words today
Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave
Or you children of today are Children of the Grave.

Re:[205] ビリースクワイアDVD name:tatsumi date:2005/09/23(Fri) 09:30   No.213  Mail Home   [reply]

> プロモDVD買っちゃいました。5曲入りの。
> エドワード(ESP)のSP内蔵ミニLPカスタム買いました。
> 『おかめ』って何処にあんの?

"Okame" Standing & Rock'n'Roll bar at Akihabara. From Hibiya line exist and work toward to Asakusabashi along under right side of Sobu-line. Do you know? You can watch many many rare live videos of 70's rock giants such as Janis, Jefferson Airplane, Abikyokan and KISS and more....

Message from a crazy man from TOKIO name:tatsumi date:2005/09/23(Fri) 09:23   No.212  Mail Home   [reply]

Keep on improvize!
Confusion is SEX/my epitaph.
Take it serious!

By the way I added Eri-san's link to top page.

But I like to listen Guns 'N' Roses and Blind Melon

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