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The English are coming!!!! name:ian date:2005/10/24(Mon) 03:57   No.231  Mail Home   [reply]

Get ready to lay Tokyo to waste!
EXTREME POP TERROR will detonate at Yotsuya Outbreak on November 12th at MIDNIGHT!!

Pretty yellow flyer here (front and back):

Bar Juliet name:goat@Amerikkka date:2005/10/23(Sun) 13:45   No.230  Mail Home   [reply]

Now Bar Juliet done by Hidden Fortress on top page.

From American Inn (motel)

YEAH name:RUBENSTEIN date:2005/10/14(Fri) 23:52   No.229  Home   [reply]

David Hicky! Man, this is the first time we've got reviewed. Fucking awesome! I really enjoyed it. I will post the link and pass it on to my friends.

Peace in Side 7

Fucking Rock/.

Review ov Delayer by David Hicky name:abikyokan date:2005/10/13(Thu) 20:50   No.228  Mail Home   [reply]

my review of the Abikyokan album finally went on line, four months after writing it! you can check it out on www.badbee.net, click on "Discs" on the left hand side and it's the top set of reviews. there is a link to your band's HP included at the end of the review.

Chin chin name:Grant date:2005/10/10(Mon) 18:43   No.227  Mail Home   [reply]

I mean not drink before 5. That's right. Even in denial I'm inconsistent.

Bottoms up name:Grant date:2005/10/10(Mon) 18:42   No.226  Mail Home   [reply]

I think I drank about that much too. Note how pathetic my resolve to drink before 5 was. I lasted about 17 minutes.

Cheers name:ian date:2005/10/10(Mon) 17:59   No.225  Mail Home   [reply]

Between us, Laurence and I drank 14% of all the beer purchased last night.

Thanks from the Kyoki 2 name:abikyokan date:2005/10/10(Mon) 14:10   No.224  Mail Home   [reply]

Cheers to Audipop, you are smashing blokes who know what it means to be a band and share music with people and support other bands. Your music is different to ours but we feel closeness and respect, can't wait to play with you again next month. Mosquito, you're nice too, hope we can talk to you more next time. Miami, your minimalist, studied art-cuteness was cold as a penguin's arse at first, but when you warmed up and stopped looking cool, cos the audience was dancing like kossacks to your stuff, you were a lot better. Usagi, good luck after the split. You're wicked people and you rock hard. Cheers.
Abikyokan looks forward hotly to November's gig, and seeing all the ace people we met yesterday again.

Thanks from the Kyoki name:abikyokan date:2005/10/10(Mon) 14:10   No.223  Mail Home   [reply]

Thanks a million to everyone who came to our show yesterday. We're having some trouble remembering it for drink reasons, but are pretty sure it was a positive experience.
Massive thanks to Ian and Kaname for yet another triumphantly ace event. You two are amazing, and this CAR was the best ever. You look much cuter than us in the white shirts and black ties, that's why we've started wearing homo-erotic black rags instead. Big love and thanks to our friends who came to see us: Eri, Setsuko and Shizuno, Pearl, Kayo and Yuka, Ai, Luke and Mrs Luke, Nami, Shigeo, Satoru, Emory and Chris. Laurence, been ace hanging with you man, too bad you're back to the UK next week. The new people who saw us, thanks loads for giving us a chance and hope we can scare you again sometime.

でもさあ、ねえ、対バンのマイアミは name:tatsumi date:2005/10/10(Mon) 02:06   No.222  Mail Home   [reply]


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