JFKchickenBONES by Jacob Rubenstein
  2005 JFKchickenBONES - LP
Tracks Personnel
1. intro (1:08)
2. american [DREAM] (1:54) 

3. American Image (4:11) 

4. freeChicken (3:42) 

5. SkullHound (3:34) 

6. ???P ?H???? (0:30) 

7. brain(Zero) (4:16) 

8. HotDance(in)CherryMoon (4:50) 

JFKchickenBONES by Jacob Rubenstein.

Recorded May 2005 in Tokyo at AbiWarGod studios.

Family Crew
Friend Crew
Abikyokan Crew
C.A.R. Crew
Neo-geo.com Tokyo Crew

After hours of making love to my mini mac and it's packed-in garageband program I've finally completed my first album.

1. intro

2. american [DREAM]

American Dream, American Dream, Post holocost, People walking 'round with their skin coming off,
2004, America elects a whore, he's shipping hand gernades, and space ship planes, and guns to your head, with the super (information) highway, its my american dream.

3. American Image

Come to the shopping mall, you can come your own way, the city cums at 15 miles, an hour, your big parking garage, I'm feeling like a feeling warehouse, the grass is green and streets are bright,
And I'm feeling wheredidallllll, And I'm feeling wear a DOLL,
And I don't think that I've lost touch, cause I see you in my dreams, I don't feel like I've lost my, American Image,
My ratty clothes and my wavy hair, it's flowing all around, I don't think I've lost that, American Image.

Ho-ho I can see street lights in my head, I can see em in my dreams, I felt that life was getting dull, and the STEAM SHIPS! You feel no feeling and you're, Space life and the stars, ill get you alive when you're shooting from the hip,
Where the highways never stop, the land of dirty cops,
I don't feel that I've lost touch, cause I see you in my dreams, I still have my American image.
I lost touch 3 years ago, when I landed here abroad, I can't find that American Image.

(I know, what you miss, the fact that I park in Spain now, oh remiss, I miss your cars yeah, I miss your attitude, Big things and your Big play cowboy, you got a big tool too.)

Ahhhh..... U.... And your guitar howlssszzzzzyah

4. freeChicken

ASX+LJCKLJFENL+SLKJDFJEPWOEKFJDS+LFKJSD----microdots microdots microdots
microdots, microdots, microdots,j;lakjdf;lkajsd;lkfja;skldjf;aksdjf;laj

5. SkullHound

In through the temple, in the room of the fields, the kids found it underneath the straw, we had to go through a manhole, that went underground, and once you got there it was beautiful.
I'm sure it wasn't a dream, it couldn't be, I'm sure wasn't real,
Traveling through sacred halls, there's cobwebs on the wall, getting dust on under your hands, and cobwebs everywhere, we explore, ...., I wish I could go back there.

You were scared, but you got used to the dark, anyone would these days, you turned on your flash light, but it didn't work at all, the walls were lined with jewels, even though it would glow...
Yeah, it might have been a dream, that's the way it's supposed to be, Into the temple in the night, The fire and the straw, .............. cobwebs everywhere.........

6.???P ?H????

7. brain(Zero)

Rubenstein is BACK, 2005, LIQUID POLKA
JFK's brains missing,, interweb, Faked Autopsy, Patsy, Rubensteins a soldier, for a coup da tat, C'MON, The CIA, KKK, FBI, the Right wing way, exploitation, exploited, NIXON impeached, tell us about your Bay of Pigs thing, Lies, People disappear, they DIE, cover up the lies, a new America's coming and you better not disagree

Oh you angel of death your rain down, with JFK's brains spilling out, you ended his life suddenly, from the bank depository, but we know it was the grassy knoll, a triangulation of fire, we know, that oswald was just a distraction, you angel of death......

8. HotDance(in)CherryMoon

Woo, Hot dance in your cherry moon, Hot dance like a cherry spoon, you're dripping everywhere,
Hot LEAD, you're like a bullet ripping through, You're a super spy, you're agen triple 6,
Oh yeah, oh yeah you're dancing like a submarine, you're dancing like a burning dog, oh you can feel the night,
Hot DANCE, hot dance in your cherry moon, hot dance likea cherry spoon, you're dripping everywhere, HOT DANCE